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"This is a story of incredible cruelty, of unbelievable injustice, of propaganda, and of international political collusion. It is a story which begins with an innocent girl arrested at an international airport, and ends with nations turning a blind eye to suffering and human rights abuse... with years later the victim approaching the point of death through terrible mental turmoil. It is a story in which the truth has been hidden from your eyes for strategic political reasons. It is a story which stains humanity" - Human Rights Advocate 2009


People, ordinary but exceptional people, from around the world, came together to fight back. They came together to fight against the corrupt and the criminal who are burying an innocent woman. They came together to fight the propagandists, the complicit, and the uncaring. They came together to fight for an innocent life.

The Expendable Project took years of pain staking work to complete. It also took courage: courage to confront a government, which had sold an innocent for self interest and commercial interest. A rogue government covering its tracks at every turn.

It exposes what happens when political expediency conflicts with human rights. It exposes a crime against decency, a crime against morality, and a crime against humanity.

The Expendable Project Trailer

The Expendable Project comprises a series of detailed and damning reports, three comprehensive dossiers, a documentary film, and an entire library of information.

Please visit The Expendable Project Website

This website is a gateway to some of the resources on the internet:- films, music and websites created by people who won't walk away from this appalling brutality. Please do take the time to watch the short films, to read the information, and to learn why you can't walk away either.          [UPDATE: Schapelle is Dying]

Schapelle Corby is an innocent Australian woman, who has endured years of cruelty and suffering in the squalor of an Indonesian prison cell. She was sentenced to a political 20 YEARS for importing a few pounds of marijuana, which to her horror she discovered in her bag on arrival. There followed the most shocking injustice and human rights abuses.

Incredibly, she has been deserted by her government for political expediency, who have used the media to subdue public opinion. Having had her soul finally broken, she is now confirmed mentally ill... literally dying in a squalid filthy overcrowded cell. Yet appallingly she is still there, with the government doing nothing to help her. She needs YOUR help.

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Please also feel free to take your own initiatives: write letters, tell friends, write a blog, use art, tell the media, use Facebook... anything which will help stop this cruelty. We are running out of time.

Music Speaks for Schapelle
(The Global Protest Song)

One of Australia's top psychiatrists recently got access to Schapelle for a full examination. His report was devastating. For a young woman to be reduced to the shocking state she in is an affront to civilization. She is hanging on by a thread. Unless action is taken soon, she will die on the filthy rat infested floor of her cell, and return home in a box.

The inaction of the Australian government beggars belief. A mentally ill citizen is dying in a hell hole, and they hide behind protocol, presumably because there is no political cost to the death of a normal working class girl.

WE have to create that cost. We have to tell the world about this. We have to explain to Australians how the truth they saw some of in 2004/5 has been distorted and hidden. We have to tell the two governmets that we the PEOPLE won't walk away. But we have to do it NOW. Please join us...... a life literally depends upon it.

We are just regular people from North America and Europe, who ran into this story. We have scratched the surface, researched, and dug out the facts. We have learned the truth: a truth that disgusts and appalls every decent person. We only have one mission: FREE SCHAPELLE. Our Contact Page. Please don't walk away...

Ideas for letters: Embassies, MPs, Media                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Other information: CLA